October is Fire Prevention Month. Are You Prepared?

House fire- October is Fire prevention month

October is the fire safety month. Are you prepared for a fire emergency? Is your house safe?

There are many things that you can check in your home to prevent a fire:

1. SMOKE ALARMS: Check you smoke alarm. Ensure that your smoke alarm is working properly at all levels of the house including the basement.

2. FIRE EXIT PLAN: Make sure you review the safety protocol with your family and have a home fire escape plan of exit of there is a fire . There are many games available to teach children about safety rules that are fun and educational.

3. CLEAN DYER VENT: Dryer vents that have not been cleaned for a long time are also at risk for catching a fire. Dryer lint build up in the Vent can start a fire in no time. To prevent starting a fire, make sure your dryer vent is cleaned every year.

4. PREVENT ELECTRICAL FIRES: Make sure not to overload circuits or extension cords. Unplug appliances when not in use.

5. FIRE EXTINGUISHER: Always keep a fire extinguisher in the house. Check regularly if it is in working condition

You can contact Air Care Duct Cleaning Services at 647-571-3337 for more information on Fire prevention. Air Care does Dryer vent and Furnace cleaning too!

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