Is it necessary to winterize you AC?

Is it necessary to winterize your AC

Many ask the question: Is it necessary to cover your Air Conditioning unit in winter? While your AC unit is built for outdoors and it is not necessary to cover it, there are many benefits for doing so. Canadian winters are long and harsh. The snow piles up on the AC unit all winter and then melts into the unit when temperatures decrease. This can cause visible wear and tear over the winter months. Winterizing you AC has several benefits. Winterizing makes the unit:

  • last longer

  • look in good condition for longer

  • avoid problems next summer

Winterizing your AC is not hard and doesn't take much time. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Turn the power off from your main switch.

  2. Clean your unit from any debris. You can use a hose to wash it if it is very dirty and dusty.

Option 1: You cover the top of your AC with a piece of plywood and place a heavy brick on top of it. This will prevent the snow from going into the unit. You can then wax the unit with any car wax and a microfiber towel so prevent it from rusting in the snow.

Option 2: You can use a ventilated cover. This can be purchased from your local hardware store. It is important to get a ventilated cover that will prevent humidity from building up in the AC unit. If you use this option, make sure you cover the unit snugly as covered places are good habitats for mice that can chew wires up.

Whichever option you choose to go with, make sure you de- winterize before turn on your AC in the summer. Remove the board from the top or uncover the unit.

Happy winter! if you have any questions, you can contact Air Care duct cleaning services at 1-647-571-3337.


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